About Cape King Foods

Cape King Foods opened on the 21st October 1995 by a family with many years experience in the rearing of poultry, the staff who where family, had some factory experience.

The factory shop sold pre packed poultry products and eggs which where sourced from local suppliers in Paarl, within two years the company began cutting and packing its own chicken for the shop and trade. After acquiring a delivery van we began delivering to supermarkets and bigger catering firms.

We soon ran out of space and moved into new premises in the same area with more floor space. Within two years the floor space became an issue so the adjacent factory was acquired and state of the art refrigeration, climate controlled cutting room, crate washer,  fork lift and two refrigerated vehicles were purchased and at the same time embarked on an upgrade to conform to the food and safety act of South Africa.

Today the business is run by the very experienced brother team of Peter and Simon Barker with a dedicated staff, some of which have been with us since the beginning.

The “fresh” quality locally produced chicken is sourced from highly regarded poultry companies who are all Halaal certified.
Cape King Foods have and still are continually striving to create a place where all employees are fairly treated, in terms of training, remuneration and a safe, decent working environment which will ultimately improve their personal lives.
Cape King Foods are suppliers of Quality, locally produced fresh, frozen, coated and crumbed chicken products as well as eggs and quality frozen veggies .

We supply the public through our factory shop and trade, as well as hawkers, all welcome.
Your one stop chicken shop for locally produced Quality products.

Proudly South African!